RIFT 1.4 Overview – Legacy of the Fallen

The upcoming RIFT 1.4 update now has a name, Legacy of the Fallen, and Trion Worlds released a complete overview of what Patch 1.4 brings to the world of Telara.

A new epic quest series called the Water Saga has Rifters trying to unravel the origin of the Abyssal cult.  This quest line is aimed at high-level players, soloing or in groups, and offers both epic loot and a Crocnard Mount.

The Drowned Halls are a new 10-man instance, where players enter an alternate dimension to stop the sorceress Hydriss from leading her forces into another timeline.

Additional PvP RIFTS will open, one on the Whitefall Steppes which will feature an alternate “Escalation” mission where players must race to charge their side’s cannon with sourcestone shards issuing from an Air Rift.

Looking for groups will become easier also as the LFG system will now work across multiple Shards.  Below we have a summary of what RIFT 1.4 Legacy of the Fallen.

  • PvP Rifts: More open-world PvP goodness!
  • Cross-Shard LFG
  • Water Saga: Quest line that lets you earn epic loot and a vicious Crocnard Mount
  • Planar Menace: Stop House Aelfwar and the Abyssal from claiming the Dragon Motes
  • Drowned Halls: A new 10-player raid sliver
  • Quest Item Keyring: Save space in your inventory with an extra bag to hold your quest items
  • New rare materials: New tier of epic materials for each harvesting profession
  • New crafted item sets: Eight new crafted item sets for dungeon and raid players
  • Player-crafted augments: Apothecaries can salvage planar essences to make powerful item augments!
  • And more!