Choosing What You Play: Hard Decisions, and Then Some

Durability taken from this will be very expensive.

At the peak hours of Friday night, I had acquired much-needed money. Much-needed funds in a discretionary way.  I used the greenbacks to accommodate what I’ve been after, Star Trek Online. Sadly, I realized that I don’t have enough to pay for both WoW and STO. With the classic dilemma that iTZKooPA managed to explain, I needed to make a serious decision, and fast. Fantasy or sci-i, orcs or klingons, daggers or phasers – an ever-lasting discussion. Before I get into the specifics of the scenario, let me educate you on the background of what has happened in my “fragile” MMO life.

  • Raiding has died.

Around four months ago, I had begun to actually experience what raid progression was like. With a guild of four close friends, we created a raiding guild and recruited others to join us. Week after week, we downed each wing and mastered the previous. Week 3 is where it all went down hill. Sindragosa, not only wiped the raid, but the entire guild! Eleven attempts in, we could only ever get her down to 25%.  **shakes heads in shame**

We wiped every time because people were falling asleep, losing focus, probably both. I, having engagements the next day, and seeing that we were not progressing, said “After the next two attempts, if we don’t get her past 25%, I’m out for the night.”

My raid leader (who was also my close friend, and guild master) threw a gasket. “None of this three attempts BS. If you’re out, you’re out.” So I dropped the group. He soon whispered me with “Don’t bother coming to the raid next week, you’re not going.” (Side note: I was the one who always scheduled the raids, made the group, and then gave him raid lead when he asked.)

Taking what was rightfully mine (stuff that I put in the guild bank), I /gquit. Soon later, he took the rest of the guild and convinced them to faction transfer to Horde on Archimonde, save my three real-close friends. They caught other flak of their own nature and decided to say “Snuff you.”

With my main having no upgrades from 10m ICC, minus from the Lich King, and 25m having no appeal to me — The only desire I have anymore to raid ICC is for my Kingslayer title, which I know is out of reach now.

Yes, I could PuG. Though on Archimonde Alliance side, there are few options. Top Guilds with ICC on farm only sell slots for around 15,000 gold and I only have 10,600 gold. You add the “lame duck presidency” phase between expansions, and you get people ending subscriptions who feel like they’ve “beat the game”, meaning fewer people to group up with to raid.

I started a Computer / Web Programming Tech course at a public school, meeting many other fanatic geeks and nerds.

Let’s face it, we love meeting people with the same, or similar interests as us. It feeds our egos while having people to discuss what we love. A CWP course is normally the perfect place to go. To further what I saw and spoke on last weekend, hot gamer girls do exist, and I happened to attract the best one.

More than half the time, she is geekier and nerdier than I (she has the Starfleet Insignia tattoo on her left wrist). Obsessed with Star Trek and highly interested in Star Wars, she is my dream. WoW has sparked her interest but STO is her MMO of choice.

Months ago, I created a trial account for STO, and found it fun. I just didn’t have much incentive to switch or pay two subscriptions, at the time. Well, having Mrs. Mordil playing just might be incentive enough.

So, it is with much sadness, that I will be canceling my World of Warcraft account, for the first time in three years.

Perhaps when Cataclysm comes out at Christmas (or whenever…), I can return back to its loving, sometimes nagging, embrace. For now, my new home is in the Alpha Quadrant, stemming off invasions of Klingons.

Live long, and prosper, Lore Hounds.


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