Chronicles of Spellborn is Coming Down in September

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A server outage  earlier this week had more than enough Spellborn fans worried that their favorite free MMO was coming to an end.  Fortunately enough, the game’s down time is completely unrelated to the actual shutdown of Spellborn’s servers.  If you didn’t catch that, unfortunately Spellborn is coming to an end, and it happens to be just on the horizon.  Starting September, Spellborn will permanently have its servers terminated and players will no longer be able to log into the game to level their ideal classes.

One of the game’s representatives wrote an email to the guys over at stating that “Yes we do plan to close the game at the end of the month, the servers were down on Monday, but that was due to an unrelated technical issue; the game should be back up now until the end of this month.”

Sorry to all you Spellborn fans, it seems a number of MMOs these days are receiving similar fates.  I guess it’s just time to move on and find a new game to grow attached to.  I mean there’s always Maple Story, right? *hehe*

Thanks to the guys over at for providing this info.