Class Abilities Screenshots for Faxion Online

UTV True Games has revealed some of the class abilities Faxion Online will feature when it launches. Before that, some lucky ones will have the chance to get themselves into the first beta, late this year, though the date is yet to be announced.  Check this new batch of screenshots, featuring class abilities.

Faxion Online will feature approximately 50 abilities when it launches. That will give players thousands of combat options. Individual abilities will become more powerful as they gain ranks, while you play. Some of them will be limited by the character’s level, for game balancing.

In these screenshots, you can see abilities like Shockwave, a “force” energy sphere that knocks back your opponents and deal some damage. Legion of Hell, a faction ability that spreads a contagion through evil spirits. The Tribunal ability, a weapon enforcer, allowing you to strike all enemies in range. All of them look cool.

[imagebrowser id=415]

This game is being developed by UTV True Games in Austin, Texas, by several MMO industry veterans, coming from games like Shadowbane and Ultima Online, among others.

 "We want to ensure an uncomplicated ability system that allows players

to queue up training to master the abilities they love while learning

new abilities to either specialize their play style or broaden the

skill set of their character," said Mike Madden, Creative Director at

UTV True Games. "Faxion Online players can expect ease of entry and

the opportunity for character advancement whether the player is online

or offline."

Faxion Online was present on this year’s GDC Online. We were there and have the intution this game will turn heads. For more information, go to the official website.