1. Who is the other person talking . . . the desk? Is he talking to someone over XFire? Is there someone playing on another computer off-panel underneath the desk? Is this person in another room?

    I am assuming this is the same room as seen in “Item Grinding”, but that’s not helping me visualize where this other person is except that I know off to the left of the computer desk there is a door.

    It’s not a bad cartoon at all, it’s just that one spot that is getting under my skin.

  2. Its his brother off screen. Your right, the dialog box should be more clear cause not that I look at it again it looks like it could be coming from a speaker or something on his desk.

  3. You know, for someone who has followed the comic during its long history, you could drop the dialogue source to the right and it would look like it is coming from the area where the bunk bed is. Of course, since there is no computer there maybe you could change Crisis to some PSP or DS game, like Dogz! Haha.

    I hope I’m not coming off like a dick–not my intent.

  4. Wow… tell Pete that he’s got some amazing talent. *many claps*

    Definitely puts my own skills into perspective, hehe.

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