Subscription by Subscription: October Edition

So, back in October, we wrote an article here on about a new subscription tracking website, called VOIG. It’s actually a really neat website that gives you all sorts of neat graphs, and numbers showcasing which MMOG has the better foothold in the overall (world) market.

Now, there is no way for us to be 100% certain that this information is accurate. We have taken a couple months, since reporting it last October, to review the website and make sure they don’t update monthly with the same rehashed information. As far as we can tell, the website is on the level and is presenting as accurate information as they can. So, beginning now, each month we will be bringing you guys a new report starting with October 2007. Enjoy!

Top 5 Worldwide MMORPGs:

  1. World of Warcraft: 26.03%
  2. Second Life: 18.86%
  3. Guild Wars: 12.6%
  4. Knight Online: 11.9%
  5. Dofus: 9.73%

Notable games:

  • Lord of the Rings Online seems to have hit the 300k subs mark.
  • EVE Online has passed Everquest 2 in subscriptions. EVE has 195k compared to EQ2’s 185k.
  • Second Life has increased exponentially since June 2006, when it had about 300k members. Today it has 6.74 million. Of course its a free program, so you decide whether this is a win or not.
  • Entropia Universe (a free SciFi mmo) has surpassed Final Fantasy XI. Entropia has 632.92k subs compared to FFXI’s 500k.
  • Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has slowly begun to regain market share, increasing subs from 30k to 35k. Not great, but at least it’s growing right?

Interesting, interesting stuff. Apparently free games garner more subscriptions than pay2play games. Who knew? In any case, feel free to head on over to the website and sift through the data if you are interested. There is a lot to see and it is all very fascinating if you are into that sort of thing. Enjoy.

Check out the website HERE.


  1. haven’t heard of this site before, very nice graphs they have.

    if the numbers are correct/close, its crazy how fast subscription numbers are climbing this year over last (+14M vs +7M)

    thanks for sharing the link =)

  2. Very Nice to see Vanguard: Saga of Heroes slowly growing back! They did a lot of great things with that game :)

  3. I just want another game with a heavily multilingual community like FFXI. :(

    Preferable one where you don’t wind up needing to purchase an extra set of clients and expansions just to enable the IME pass through.

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