Craft of Gods – Second Open Beta Test Starting March 11

After the success of the first open beta test, the development team have announced that Craft of Gods Open Beta 2 will be starting on March 11. The servers will remain open until the estimated end of the second open beta, March 13. The second test will include many new features, including a new user interface, new spells, a level cap of 20, and many major tweaks and fixes. The game client can be downloaded here. You can sign up for a game account here.

“Craft of Gods” is a 3D MMORPG, based on Slavic mythology.
The world characters live in is called Akvilon, it is a huge world with 25 different maps. There are many wonderful places to discover, many enemies to fight and an infinite number of things to do.
In Akvilon, there are forests, deserts, desolate steppes, magical ancient forests, frozen icy plains, where the cold can even freeze your very thoughts. There are hundreds of different monsters and more than 70 unique creatures, including the legendary Serpent, fiery Dragons, and the slimy Kikimora. But there are also the honeyed-tongued Sirens… honeyed? Are you sure?