Kingdom Heroes Beta Sign Up

Aeria Games and¬†Userjoy Technology Co. Ltd have announced that beta sign ups for their latest MMORPG, Kingdom Heroes, are now open. Kingdom Heroes is a historical MMORPG where players can participate in large scale battles in a unique Asian setting. The game’s official website is located here, detailed information is below.


Large Scale Kingdom War

Choose one of three factions and participate, if you desire, in a recurring, full-scale, player vs. player (PvP) battle for control of territory across the entire world map. NPC troops, mounts, ships, and siege engines.

Rule and Conquer Player Cities

Do you fancy yourself a brutal warlord or a savvy politician? Maybe both! Organize a group of players, capture a city, and administer it any way you see fit. Be wary – there are others who will look to wipe you off the map.

Control an Army

As you rise through the ranks of your faction, you earn the respect of your peers. Recruit and customize a variety of NPC soldiers, and build your own personal army. Individual EXP, formations, and specialties.

Dominate By Land and Sea

Organize your very own crew of players and take to the seas in exciting ship battles. Up to eleven players can collaborate aboard the same upgradeable vessel. Raid enemy ships, blockade cities, and more.


  1. why kingdom down, my friend and me love this game we have play it in 1 year and now i down, what happend :( plzzz starta upp kingdom again many peple a be ware happy aigen plzz do it.

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