CrunchPreview: The Chronicles of Spellborn

The Chronicles of Spellborn is a dark fantasy MMORPG. Now I know what you are thinking, and the answer is no. There are no elves, and there are no orcs. This is not that kind of fantasy. This is a unique type of fantasy, one that is based on a post-apocolyptic “shard”. I say shards because this game does not inhabit a world, this game inhabits a series of shards that are populated and unpopulated. A stirring of frontier/urban areas alike. There is no world in the traditional sense.

There are two races to choose from, humans and daevi. No, they aren’t enemies either. They live and work harmoniously. Between the races there are also 3 different archtypes to choose from and 9 different classes. They are:


  • Blood Warrior
  • Furyhammer
  • Wrathguard


  • Rune Mage
  • Void Seer
  • Oracle Disciple


  • Trickster
  • Skinshifter
  • Deathhand

The game is level based with a skill system added in to further add character customization. This means that your character, lets say a Deathhand, can GREATLY vary from that of other Deathhands within the game despite being the same level and class. Such is why a skill system can be so important.

In addition to the classes, and races there will be 5 High Houses which a which are all vying for a majority control over the populace of the land. You get to choose to be in one of these houses. From there you will be able to do quests and slowly rise through the ranks of your house in order to gain more control over the land in the name of your house. No word yet on how this will be effectively implemented, but it’s still a neat idea that I am intrigued by.

The game is currently in the beta-phase and is promising a release early next year, although with these small indy MMOs who actually knows when they will get released, right? In anycase, the game looks very unique and is promising a very different setting from the usual Scifi/Fantasy MMOs we are so very accustomed to. Here’s hoping that the game plays as well as it looks.

Check out the game here.