Eve Online: Trinity Expansion

CCP, makers of Eve Online, have announce the date for the Eve Online expansion Trinity as Dec 5th 2007.  The expansion will be free to download and not only include new features and areas, but also a huge graphics update to the game.  I just finished watching the Eve Trailer and it looks awesome, I really wish the game wasn’t so confusing cause I would loved to have continued to play it.

This winter we will be releasing the Trinity expansion. This constitutes a massive change in the world of EVE: Not only is the expansion packed with new features, but it also includes a graphics update of gargantuan proportions. Every ship, station and stargate has been completely overhauled from start to finish, resulting in an amazing splendor of spacefaring sights. It really has to be seen to be believed, and once Trinity arrives and you log on to EVE, we’re convinced that you will never look back.

In order to achieve its visual goals, CCP developed a new graphics engine, architected for Shader Model 3.0 and above. In this first showcase for the new engine, all ships, stations and stargates have been reconstructed. EVE Online: Trinity employs advanced lighting techniques and complex surface materials to make these highly detailed models even more realistic. 


  1. hhey the game is kinda complicated at first but easy after you lern it took my like 3 hours but i got ust to it

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