Curse Purchases MMO-Champion

TechCrunch is reporting that Curse, popular for its WoW addon and StarCraft II map hosting, has acquired MMO-Champion from Major League Gaming under undisclosed terms. One thing they’re willing to tell us is that Favien Bonte, aka Boubouille, will be joining the Curse team.

Another thing that Curse’s CEO, Hubert Thieblot, has said is that the company plans on updating the site with a new design along with improving the forums, both of which have been pretty unreliable over the past few months.

Boubouille has issued his own statement regarding the purchase:


No, seriously. This change will hardly affect the users, we will see a lot of improvements on the site over the next few months (not immediately, we still have to move to new servers) and a lot of people will be working hard to make MMO-Champion a wonderful place filled with love and gnomes. Our first goal is obviously to stabilize the current site and fix all the minor bugs you’ve been experiencing since the migration, then we’ll work on the big stuff and eventually come up with a shiny new design and more features.

I would also like to thank Major League Gaming for the 3 years I spent with them. They’re the one who gave me a chance to bring MMO-Champion to a much higher level and even if it isn’t obvious to everyone, the site probably wouldn’t exist today without them. MLG’s management and tech teams went through a lot of efforts to keep the site alive during its ridiculously fast growth, we’re here today because of them. Curse and Major League Gaming will definitely keep working together in the future and great things will come out of this partnership.

MMO-Champion has been around for 3 years, 4 months, and 19 days. Let’s see how much further we can go.

Curse looks forward to gaining MMO-Champion’s 80 million monthly page views, half of which I estimate to come from my constant refreshing of the blue tracker on multiple computers.¬†Hopefully the operation of the site isn’t affected in any negative ways, as Boubouille has been great at finding and putting together Cataclysm information!


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