Soul Master Hands-On Preview

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Soul Master is an MMO from publishers GamesCampus and developers NPLUTO that mixes RPG elements with RTS elements.  Players create avatars that, like in all other MMORPGs, walk around towns, talk to other players, and can dish out a major punishment to its enemies. The game changes when the player gets to certain missions, in that the player not only controls their character but they can also make a base and pump out units that they can control.

When making a character in Soul Master, the player chooses to belong to one of three different kingdoms, Valiant, Harmony, or Holy.  For the purposes of the private beta showing, three classes were available.  The Valiant kingdom had the knight occupation, Harmony had the bearcat occupation, and Holy had the Priest occupation. The occupations are gender locked. Both the knight and the bearcat are male characters only, while the priest is a female character only occupation. According to the forums for Soul Master, there will be a few new occupations added, so that there will be a female occupation and male occupation for all three races. Those new classes will not actually come to surface until the open beta begins. According to the Producer of the North American service for GamesCampus the open beta will “come out later this summer.”

The multiplayer is present through all of the game, though does not come into full force until the player enters the Battle lobby located on the right side of the screen. The game will go to a new screen where players can choose to enter a lobby. One of the lobbies is the Apprentice lobby, which is only for characters under level 20 or have completed chapter 5 in the training missions. The second lobby is the skilled lobby, which is for characters that are between the levels of 20 and 41. The last lobby is the Master lobby which is for characters at least level 41 or have completed chapter 13 in the training missions. In the multiplayer battles, the players create their armies and fight each other either on teams or free-for-all battles. The size of the army that a player is allowed to control is based upon the size of their dominance points. The buildings, towers, and the souls (units the player controls) all require a certain amount of seeds. Seeds are acquired by finding either floating crystals, or what look like small meteors with sparking orbs floating around it. The meteors will break open and release a floating crystal when the monsters keeping the meteor looking object around are destroyed.

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The training missions will mostly be the player and a couple provided units, AKA souls, killing monsters to complete the mission. A couple of training missions actually allow the player to build bases and make units to kill an enemy base. When in the training mission selection screen, the player can choose to mission: use or don’t use. If the player chooses to use it, they will receive more experience points and more of the game’s currency, which is called lind.

The player may also go to the field gatekeeper. The field gatekeeper allows the player to fight their way through fields. The fields will contain monsters that players kill until they reach the end of the field. Once they reach the end of the field, they will be awarded lind and experience.  Fields are also good to use to complete missions that some NPCs will have for players. The NPC will more often than not reward players with experience and lind.

Different level equipment have different colors. The store NPCs sell weapons that cost more but have extra stat effects and those weapons will have a glow to them. The color of the glowing weapon is based upon the emblem color of the avatar’s kingdom. The Valiant glow red, the Harmony green, and the Holy blue.

If the player right clicks on another character then they will be given a couple options, such as adding the character to their friends list, forming a party, trading, or whispering. I had the great privilege of playing with the Producer of Soul Master for the North American service for GamesCampus and some GMs. The staff of Soul Master loves the game and is putting every ounce of effort into making the game as good as possible.

The game will be entering closed beta on July 22nd. According to the North American GamesCampus service, the game will be everything that the awaiting gamers are hoping it will be and much more. There will be additions by the time it hits open beta. GamesCampus will attempt to release new content when they can to make the game more and more enjoyable for those who will be playing it and they just cannot wait to see the happy and eager gamers as their expectations are realized.

If you are interested in the closed beta for Soul Master, we have 500 keys available, so go nab one up now!

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Soul Master Preview

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