DarkEden Announced – Vampire MMORPG

Ignited Games today announced DarkEden, their new free to play vampire MMORPG which is now open for closed beta signups.

Not much is know about the new title other then that it will be a horror action game and there will be three factions, humans, vampires and half-breeds. DarkEden promised to have large-scale warfare between the three factions and guild sieges system.

Two systems will be in place, a leveling system and a skill system, with Vampires utilizing the leveling system, while the humans will only use the skill system. I guess that means the Hybrid faction will use both. However there will also be a Rank system where players can learn new Rank skills, regardless of faction.

The game will take place in three different time periods and the day and night cycles will not only affect class abilities, but will also alter the environments.

To signup for the closed beta, head over to the official DarkEden website.


  1. Wow,The old one was super fail. It had repetitive gamemplay. POOR translations and interface. Meaning, your quests make little to no sense IF they were translated. The system was buggy, and copy and paste monsters everywhere. It go boring in the first few hours of game play. The idea was great and had SUPER good potential, but it REALLY fells as if it was abandoned. There was no inovation and the “vampire” thing is a joke. IT is just like the other races save the beginner area and the back story. Bleh. I am actually surprised they had the cash and balls to release this in a market that has way better games…

  2. The game is amazing, I heard they’re almost out for OBT. Reminds me of the DE days, good thing Ignited Games released this game to loyal players just like us.

  3. Anyone know when will ignited release DE’s OBT?
    I played that game a few years ago! too bad I ended up being hacked a couple of times and decided to quit.
    god! i hate private servers lol
    good thing it will be an official release for the North America! Hopefully it will be hacker free :))

    DarkEden Wait for meeeee :D

  4. Darkeden being revived again. Wow…

    I wish this time that this game will last longer than the previous one. I really love this game, I really love to be a vampire again! hahaha

  5. Hello there fellow Heleans! just dropped by to say that Darkeden’s 2nd CBT will start tomorrow (Nov 30 @ 6PM PST)

    See you all there!
    My IGN will be: Lust (Ouster)

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