League of Legends Adding Ranked Teams

RiotGame today announced that with start of Season 2, League of Legends will have ranked teams for 3vs3 and 5vs5. Players will be able to create permanent teams with other players to compete in ranked matches. Teams will also have their own Elo rating, separate from individual ratings.

Not that I’m going to use the new team┬áranking system, as I don’t have the time to compete competitively in any game, but it seems like a feature that is long over due. This is after all a game that up until recently only had two maps and one game mode, so it would only be logical to allow players to create teams and for them to have their own ranking system.

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  1. Gem of a game. great “cash model” as it doesn’t harm the game, and offers little except a few xp bonus. Great game play, and always different. There are a few drawbacks, and I do not consider it an MMORPG, but I love it’s strategic combatness of MOBA. Normally I hated this genre, but I got my mmorpg on the side, and I got my LoL, and LoL just got very addicting. The ranked system, i do not have time for either, but it is good to keep the dedicated players alive.

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