Darkfall Online Free Trial Announced

Aventurine SA has announced that they will be offering a 14 day free trial for Darkfall Online. The free trial is the first of its kind since the game launched last year.

Zad Mehdawi, Executive Producer on Darkfall, commented;

“We wanted to give everyone the chance to try out our game. Darkfall being the top competitive MMOG in the market, is often mistakenly considered a niche game for hardcore players only. This free trial will give new players the opportunity to test themselves in our highly competitive environment, and at the same time discover that Darkfall is a well rounded game catering to the majority of MMOG play-styles.”

Darkfall was often considered as a non-casual friendly game, it seems that Aventurine SA are very keen to change Darkfall’s image while catering to both the hardcore and casual audiences.

For more information on Darkfall Online, be sure to head on over to the official website.

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  1. Or, if one reads between the lines:

    “Our population is dropping like a stone in water. Darkfall, being largely forgotten in the MMOG market, is accurately considered a niche game for gamers who like to grief and exploit. This free trial will give the opportunity for masochistic gamers out there to stare at the empty world then log right back out.

    On a more serious(but just as accurate) note:

    Darkfall is -not- a well rounded game. It is not a game for PvE players nor is it a game for casual PvP players. It caters to only one subset of gamer, the one who will be on every day for hours at a time.

    When a game demands so much from the player yet offers so little in exchange, it becomes a job instead of a game.

    Darkfall is -not- growing, it’s not expanding. The delay of Darkfall with the combination of one of the worst release of any MMO stunted the growth before it had a chance to show what it could do. Entire guilds have simply walked away for greener pastures, with games like ToR and DC Online coming out soon, the population of Darkfall is only going to get smaller.

    I stuck with this game for much longer than I should have. Darkfall is a whore that demands your time then offers nothing in return except an empty shallow experience.

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