EVE Online's Annual Alliance Tournament VIII


Today the first qualifying round for CCP Games eighth annual alliance tournament started and 64 teams representing alliances from all over theEVE universe battle in elimination style rounds to see who has got the right stuff in team based pvp.

In the spirit of the ancient roman gladiator style matches CCP has opened a high-definition website where fans and armchair pilots from all over the world can tune in to watch their favorite players duke it out. If you missed out on today action then make sure you tune in tomorrow at 15:00 GMT to catch all the action of the second day of 1st round qualifiers. There is also a youtube page where you can watch all of today matches; according to the forums Team “Death from Above” won first round.

“Wait a second! I don’t play EVE and what the huurrrr is an alliance?”

Long story, short version: A group of corporations (guilds, clans, gangs) created by players create a mutual conglomerate with other corporations to form an alliance. This is important when players  delve into the lawless space of o.o (it like teh wild, wild west except in space) to be able to claim solar systems or “land” for their corporations. The old system of sovereignty has since been changed in the Dominion expansion and I’ll explain this later.

If you haven’t been following the tournament so far then catch up on the rules, the tourney’s format and the incredible prizes that CCP is giving away to first, second and third prize winners. First and second place winners will walk away with awesome limited editions ships and even fourth place winners will win 10 billion ISK.

This is the type of events that all mmorpg’s should run for their players and makes EVE Online stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Make sure you tune in tomorrow and while your orbiting the EVE Online website make sure you dock at MMOCRUNCH.com for your daily dose of MMORPG News.

Until then…

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