Darkfall Siege System Goes Live Next Week

I’m sure you’ve head that before, but this time it’s really going to happen. Darkfall players, who have been waiting for what seems like forever for the new siege system to be released, today finally heard what they’ve been waiting for, that the new Siege System will be going live next week.

Over the last year, focus has shifted from the current version of Darkfall to Darkfall 2.0 and since, updates to the current version have been few and far inbetween.  The last patch was back in April and the last major update all the way back in October 2010, so you can see why Darkfall players have been anxious for this update.

With the announcement, Aventurine also revealed a few more details to the new siege system, mainly protection shards and extension shards, which can help protect against sieges or allow the defending side to change the start time of a siege respectively.  Although there is some debate internally on whether or not extension shards should be implemented and will most likely not be included in the siege update. Check out the full details on the shards at the official Darkfall blog.