Lotro: The Gap of Rohan Video Developer Diary

Today Turbine released a new video developer diary previewing more content coming from the next Lord of the Rings Online expansion Rise of Isengard.  The diary focuses on The Gap of Rohan and how it will introduce epic scale instances where thousands of NPCs roam and fight against each other as the player journeys through the area.

While The Gap of Rohan is the first of these epic instances, the diary states that as the player marches towards Mordor, Turbine be able to do more and more of these large scale types of instances.

Also two new characters from the books are introduces,  Thadric and Grimble (not sure if that’s spelled right).  Thadric being the prince of Rohan and Grimble is a captain in the Rohan army. Check out The Gap of Rohan dev diary after the jump.