DarkMorrigan’s Favorite 2016 Cons

Gaming can sometimes be a lonesome sport, I always appreciate the conventions that bring gamers – not the marketing and media – together to celebrate our love of video games and nerd culture. This year Lorehound had the pleasure of checking out multiple conventions, but there were a couple that really stood out in 2016. For me, this is about two conventions, and why you should check them out next year.

RetroWorld Expo – Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT

It was my first time attending this convention, and I absolutely loved it.

This place is amazing for gaming fanatics, especially retro gamers. There are tons and tons of games and accessories for sale. It is so much fun digging through old cartridges looking for a game long lost from your past. The main floor is packed with an assortment of other exhibitors. You can find a rare vinyl from Funko Pop Exteme, or get a nerdy tattoo from Burning Hearts Tattoo! Upstairs had a section dedicated to board games as well.

My favorite part of the convention was the large room filled with an entire arcade set to free play, along with a stage for bands. This is where I discovered Lame Genie. Simply put, they are amazing!

New York Comic Con – Javits Center in New York, NY

This convention is focused on comics. I am sure you’re shocked to find that out, but it is a hidden gem for gaming enthusiasts. First off, this convention is H U G E. You need to go for more than one day, trust me. The main floor is packed with amazing displays, showcasing many franchises that we know and love. There is even an entire section called “Artist Alley”, featuring rows and rows of tables (wo)manned by the artists themselves, selling prints and drawing up commissions. I love how you have the ability to actually meet and talk to so many amazing famous artists. I met Frank Miller this year, and got a signed poster, for FREE!

There’s also the shopping. Ehem, sorry wallet. There are so many vendors selling amazing wares. You have the big names like Loot Crate and Think Geek, and tons of indie vendors selling their own crafted items. Custom vinyl figures, mash-up t-shirts, enamel pins, crap that surely not licensed but shh we won’t tell, plushies…make sure you bring some dolla dolla bill$.

There is also a ton of panels happening all the time, and everything is very organized thanks to NYCC app and the guide book. I’ve been to NYCC for a few years and was happy to see that 2016 brought a good amount of panels dedicated to gaming! The celebrities that are at the big panels never disappoint, and there is even an area dedicated to photo ops and autographs as well.

Hands down, my favorite part of NYCC, is the cosplay. Here are some of the amazing costumes I saw this year at NYCC, and I am excited to see what next year has in store.