Let’s Talk Politcal Lore! 2017 the Year of the Red Menace?

Here I am, in the wake of this hype from this Fallout 4 CNN scandal, which I only caught wind of promptly at 10:10 PM from the AM Radio show “Ground Zero” hosted by one Clyde Lewis, and I’m thinking to myself, what an oddity of events this has turned out to be. Not only are people overreacting about a media source telling lies, because let’s face it when has that ever happened before, but let’s be real, people. Why the hell do you not know what a depiction is?

Sorry, let me rewind a bit. Apparently on December 29th, that’s right this was posted a few days ago, CNN posted a video clip and an article with a depiction of what hacking looks like to go along with their article of how Russian hackers, apparently, hacked their way into the Democratic National Convention. Now while this claim has been tossed around over and over and over again like a Jangles the Moon Monkey, I can’t help but bring this up because of the ridiculous nature that this stupid clip has turned the internet upside down! The link above is the direct link to the article in question, which has been updated today to what I can only assume is to remove said clip of Fallout 4, but I wanted to make something clear, this is not the first time a media source has used video games as a depiction, and people may or may not have freaked out about it. A YouTuber by the name of mickdemi posted his views on the site during the time it was still live on CNN’s webpage and claims that “That this is the only evidence that CNN wants to give us” except he greatly misunderstands exactly the difference between depiction and evidence.

Now, remember when I said that this is not the first time the media has used video games to depict certain happenings in the world? People must remember a couple years ago Fox news totally ripped off the Bioshock Infinite logo with their “DEFENDING THE HOMELAND” propaganda. Let’s not forget about my personal favorite, the BBC using the United Nations Space Command logo from Halo to represent the United Nations security council. Here even as an added bonus is a totally relevant article about how a totally irrelevant Egyptian news cast uses Air Assault: Apache as actual footage to depict Russia assaulting ISIS. No, it’s not CNN, Fox or MSNBC, but no one freaked out about that one! That news cast actually said that the footage was Russia blowing up ISIS. If you get a chance there are a few others that were noted by Ashley Reed of GamesRadar, which you can find the link to that article there.

So this is not the first time guys. It won’t be the last, but keep in mind that it wasn’t evidence either. Stop blowing stuff out of proportion. Go blow up stuff [Ed. Note: In game that is!].

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