Das Tal Adds New Kickstarter Tier: The Sentinel

4_buildingLast week, I discussed the kickstarter for upcoming PvP sandbox game Das Tal. The game itself looks pretty interesting, and I have to say, in terms of kickstarter campaigns that I’ve seen, the guys behind it are some of the most community responsive. They didn’t simply launch their campaign, they did prep work first to determine what their community wanted to see in backer tiers, what they didn’t want to see, and when they wanted to see it. The result is the current Das Tal Kickstarter campaign.

But they didn’t stop there.

In response to the first week’s feedback, Fairytale Distillery has added a new tier: the Sentinel. This tier falls in at €20 (or $21.76 as of the exchange rate as I am writing this), and allows backers the ability to access special ‘preview’ events during the alpha and beta, access to a full season once the game launches, and a 10% savings on the purchase of the game. It is intended for people who are interested, but haven’t quite convinced themselves to go all in yet.

And even better, Fairytale Distillery explained the reasoning behind their kickstarter pricing. I always love it when devs provide reasoning behind their decisions. Not only is it interesting to see, but it helps to display to their community that it’s not that they are ignoring feedback, they are making the decisions they make based on things that players are not necessarily taking into account. IN this case, FD believes that they are making a niche game targeted at a specialized audience. This means they will sell fewer copies than a game aiming at the broadest appeal possible, so they need a higher price point.

In addition, this Saturday will see an alpha event open to every kickstarter backer. Want to see the game now to see what it’s all about? Just drop them a few bucks and load up this weekend!

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