Das Tal Alpha Give Away!!!!!


Invoking an air of Diablo combined with Don’t Starve, Das Tal readies for their alpha test. The Developers have been working hard over at Fairytale Distillery to get ready for this moment. The table is set, the candles have been lit and it is time. Time to get out your trusty Scythe (my favourite weapon in the game) and get hacking and slashing!

Have no fear if you do not have access, because here at Lorehound we have you covered. We are giving away 25 Alpha Keys by the 15th of July to get you ready for their Alpha Launch on the 16th. They’ll be distributed through our social media outlets. Be sure to follow @LoreHound all over the place, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Das Tal is compatible for PC, Mac and Linux, in fact I am currently running it on my 2010 Macbook Pro. It runs steadily enough for me to skillshot when I need to, dodge incoming attacks and all around slash my way to victory. Within the first few moments of the game I had made some heads roll clearing out a prison near what will hopefully soon be my encampment; I then named a non-too friendly looking bog after a local Canadian icon “The Tar Sands” before I sat down and started to work through the nitty gritty parts of the Das Tal world.

You will be able to craft, create, steal, cheat, fight, cajole, wander, sneak and in the end survive your way through the Das Tal world. I suggest for your first couple of hours to look for a clan to join and get some help with gameplay and creation. But have no fear, if you want to go it alone the Das Tal developers have created a tutorial just for this Alpha Test.

Good luck in the Alpha Key Giveaway and I hope to see you in the Alpha Test. Look me up when you are in game under the name, Morderith, I may (or may not) be nice.

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