In The Spirits of Gaming – Inaugural Overwatch Edition


In The Spirits of Gaming is where Lore Hound staff get together and unwind. We will be choosing a game where a good amount of shenanigans can be found. We will then pair one or many alcoholic beverages with the chosen game to partake in whilst commencing said shenanigans. All around it should be a good time, feel free to stop in on our twitch where we will be streaming live!

This inaugural ‘Spirits of Gaming’ will be Blizzard’s new first person shooter MOBA, Overwatch. With the amount of skill and practice required to become anything close to resembling good at games like these we felt that Overwatch was an excellent choice to get good and shmammered and let others ridicule us.

hanamura-screenshot-001I believe one quote that has been said by many of Lorehounds staff is “I get better at games when I drink…” We shall see Lorehounds, oh shall we and
everyone who wants to watch see… 

Personally I get terrible at games when I drink. My eyes go cross-eyed, my hand shakes and half the time I forget which screen to look at (running dual monitors). Then there is the bathroom break problem. We all know it happens, you drink a good amount, you are gonna have to hit up the heads, mid battle most likely.

With Overwatch we have quite the pairing of drinks lined up for you. We encourage you to drink along with us, no-one likes to drink alone so we will be there for you tonight at 8 PM EST – for as long as we possibly can! 

Here is our small list of what we will be drinking with each Overwatch Heroes.


Genji – Shochu, Awamori or Asahi, Sapporo if Shochu is unavailable

McCree – Whisky… straight

Pharah – Technically since alcohol is not present in Egypt so she’ll have a water spiked with Gin or another clear alcohol. Specifics on Egyptians consumption of alcohol is strangely related to a drug deal in some parts.

Reaper –  Tequila with some sort of day of the dead theme.

Soldier 76 – Any beer that screams AMERICA! Lots to choose from, but let’s try to stay away from things like Bud and stuff you know is no fun. My favorite 4th of July beer is Rebel IPA from Sam Adams. If that doesn’t scream “‘MURICA!” I don’t know what does.

Tracer – A nice tall stout at room temperature. CHEERS LOVE!

Bastion – Motor Oil… or anything equivalent….

Hanzo – Sake, preferably a good brand like Wandering Poet.

Junkrat – Just grab a cocktail glass, moisten the rim and dip it in pop rocks. Anything you put in it is your choice… just make it rough. As much of anything you can put in it, but it must have 5 different types of mixtures in it that make an explosive flavor that blows up in your face.

Mei – Matai is probably the most iconic Chinese in origin drink out there.

Torbjorn – Meade, because although technically Torbjorn is not Nordic he does look it, just a dwarfish version of it. Also because it rhymes Sweeds like Meads!

Widowmaker -Absenthe… just don’t go to jail for it.

D.Va –  Tequila Rose because look at her or Kraken spiced rum because apparently that’s big with gamers

Reinhardt – Any german style beer of your choosing. Reinhardt players enjoy.

Roadhog – Some sort of alcohol that’s thick or heavy. A barleywine would be great because not only is it thick, its boozey and the alcohol is high

Winston – 99 banana schnaps

Zarya – Vodka, the real woman’s drink

Lucio – Caipirinhas. Sugar-cane alcohol or vodka mixed with lime and sugar. Yum.

Mercy – Chocolatey drinks like chocolate wine or something. Make sure its Swiss chocolate and enjoy it with a good swiss cheese.

Symmetra – IPA and nothing but. Real IPAs from India would be best.

Zenyata – Trappist style beer, because monks brew the most awesome forms of beer

For myself, as a guy who enjoys good and bad whisky, I will probably be playing a lot of McCree. mccree-screenshot-003

 We look forward to seeing you out there!