Das Tal Kicks Off Its Kickstarter Campaign!

EnvironmentCompostion01What better way to celebrate a departure from the sickbed than an upcoming sandbox announcement? You know I love sandbox MMORPGs..

Das Tal has begun its kickstarter campaign.  It is self described as the love child of a sandbox MMORPG and a fast-paced PvP arena. Sounds interesting to me – I love sandbox games, and I love pvp games – so long as pvp is a core part of the design. So many times pvp and pve are separate entities, leaving a difficult balancing act that seems to always result in one side or the other feeling like the proverbial red-headed stepchild.

One of the features of Das Tal that I find particularly interesting is what they call the time-boxed worlds. Each server runs for a limited time, ending with a climatic event, and then begins anew – with the players deciding which features the new campaign will have. 

Its feature list contains delights such as full pvp, open loot, siege warfare, time boxed worlds, skill based combat, classless character development, consequences … and it’s even linux compatible. Sounds exciting to me. It will be buy to play, with the stated intent of having nothing but cosmetic items in its cash shop. Even its kickstarter rewards are merely cosmetic.

Want to learn more? Check out its main page, kickstarter campaign, g+facebook, or YouTube channel.

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