DCUO Presents Circe

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We all know superheroes are popular and mythical characters that have left their print in today’s modern culture. Starting their adventure in comics, they invaded the movie world and then videogames, like the upcoming DC Universe Online but, villains are so important as well. No superhero would be such a grand character without the nemesis pushing him towards the limits, making him feel he’s defeatable and never perfect. Villains are the salt and pepper of superhero stories and, sometimes, are the most important characters. SOE knows this, of course, giving Lex Luthor a main role in their game.

Now it’s Circe’s turn to come into the game, presented as a powerful witch opposing Wonder Woman, her archenemy. Circe is an ancient sorceress that ruled the island of Aeaea for centuries, luring men to it and turning them into beast men slaves. She made a pact with Hecate, the witch goddess, becoming more powerful in her desire for domination over men, but Hecate is an enemy of the Olympian gods seeking vengeance against them and that’s why Wonder Woman, gifted with her powers by the Olympian gods, is the eternal enemy of Circe.

Remember you can choose to be a superhero or a villain, when DC Universe Online releases so, what path would you follow? Would you support Circe or Wonder Woman?

For now, enjoy these cool new images, while you make up your mind.