Reminder – Lore Hound Pound: Global Agenda Developer Halloween Event October 28, 6:30 PM EST

Off to shoot stuff in the face with the devs!

Developer-led community events were all the rage once. Back when MMOG players walked uphill both ways, in the snow. That is to say, a long, long time ago. When your community is twelve million strong, or spread across multiple realms, it becomes impossible to treat a community as an individual. Realm events still occur, although World of Warcraft‘s zombie invasion and Gates of Ahn’Qiraj have meet with mixed reactions. Today’s real developer-led community events take place inside more niche titles. Often those with single-shards or a shared server system.

The latest, and certainly greatest, is taking place inside Global Agenda and being brought to you by none other than! On October 28, 2010 (that’s just a few days away!), starting at 6:30 PM EST we’ll begin rounding up and educating those that wish to partake in the festivities. Basic game details and information, including class info and specializations, will be detailed for half an hour for all players joining via the Free Trial. At 7:00 PM EST the real fun begins with a unique introduction powered by the glorious dev tools. From there, players will play shoulder-to-shoulder with devs across the open wasteland and instanced dungeons.

Naturally, treats will be plenty. Be sure to attend! After all, the free trial means you have no excuse not to! Unless you’re not on a Windows machine…


  1. Install it!

    OK, smartassedness aside, the only things you should need to do beyond that are create an account and log-in. It will also be in your best interest to level up (I believe 15 is the max for the trial, and you may need to be at least 10 to participate in what we’re doing).

  2. BTW, i have a lvl 10 Assault called Stormkiller there already, if memory serves. So If anyones around and sees me, say hi and add me to friends :)

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