DCUO Shows Four Awesome New Videos

The continuous flow of information, regarding DC Universe Online, that SOE is releasing, in the form of screenshots and videos, keeps us wanting the release date to come right now. You all have seen many articles here, on MMOCrunch, about what’s new in DCUO, but I promise you’ll be amazed by the latest videos, just released.

The character create video, was a very good and inspiring one. Now, we have some videos that will leave you astonished, showcasing the Metropolis Police Department, Xanadu’s Magic Shop, the Iconic Battlesuit Reveal – Black Adam and Wonder Woman… do I have to tell you more? Just watch and enjoy.

Metropolis Police Department

Xanadu’s Magic Shop

Acrobatic Movement Mode

Iconic Battlesuit Reveal – Black Adam and Wonder Woman

Now, take your time to catch your breath and imagine what kind of hero/villain you’ll be next year, when DCUO launches to rock the superhero-themed MMO world.