Lore Hound Obedience: The Elemental Invasion

I’ve been punching myself for missing Operation Gnomeregan since, well, since I missed it. I was taken completely unaware when it was removed from the game. I promised it wouldn’t happen to me again, so long as I continue to pay for the game. And yet, I just did the first three phases of The Elemental Invasion. The invasion phases could have easily been removed/modified as the new ones come online, so I got lucky. And so can you!

None of the active phases take more than an hour to complete. Most of them involve a large amount of travel and chitchat. Heck, I didn’t even have any spells on my bar since I respecced! Believe it or not, you can do quests from the other phases at the same time. There’s no restriction in order outside each phase.

Phase One: The opening phase is the longest. It features nine quests and will have you travelling all over the city and its surrounding area.

Phase Two: Insanely short, relative to the other phases, but you actually do some battling with the nefarious beings. Battles that require you to remember your spell triangle! Although it’s just two quests, you’ll still spend about twenty minutes on this phase.

Phase Three: The third phase is geared towards forwarding the events and exploring its impact on normal people, not us adventurers.

Phase Four (more details coming soon): Invasion enters stage 2. All hell to break loose. Cities under siege, new bosses up.

All Phases: Each phase continues the elemental invasion, so rifts continue to pop up everywhere. If you close a rift of any type you get an elemental buff. Close every type and you score yourself an achievement. Insanely easy now that the cities have been invaded by all elements.

Enjoy the reference post. The gallery below showcases some of the highlights to this one-time event.


  1. Can’t wait to log on friday! This has been, at least IMO, a very engaging pre-expansion event. As mentioned, it goes beyond how this is effecting us players, but to a larger degree, the general WoW populace.

    How many times have we wondered what happens to NPC’s and such? This answers that question very well, imo.

  2. Well if your into lore I hope you didn’t miss all the Convo’s that were happening between the faction leader’s a few day’s ago. Good stuff.

    Phase 4 is really awesome. I was on my level 40 alt and when the invasion began, and I was like “I Gotta Get The Hell Outta Here!”. :P

  3. Damnit.. I need to get more game time so I don’t miss this event like I did the Echo Isles/Gnomer events. I despised my limited time spent with Wrath’s pre-launch event, though mostly due to my highest level being only in her low 30s, and so unable to do squat. Now that I have several 80s to choose from, once I get some game time I can go out and get some stuff done with regards to defending cities and such.

  4. Phase Four has you running around 1 of 2 capital cities depending on which kind of elementals you want to fight. On Alliance side, Earth and Fire Elementals will spawn in Ironforge while Air and Water Elementals will spawn in Stormwind.

    There are really 2 phases to this event. The first is when the sky goes dark and the guards start barking the start of the event you have 5 minutes to group / raid up, if that’s what you want. You can go solo too. Once the event starts you run around to Earthen Circle Defenders to get an Unbinding Totem (helps your friends if they get “blocked”) and they pick up sandbags to deposite in specific locations. There’s a counter on the screen that tells you how many more you need out of 40.

    When this is do you start battling level 80 elite Elementals that spawn in all quadrants of the city, usually 2 rofts per quadrant. All Elementals must die for the rifts to close and you have an hour before everythign despawns. Again there will be a counter on the screen for number of rifts, secured zones, and citizens saved. For that last one, just secure the zone and the citizens will attend to themselves.

    Once everything is said and done and you successfully closed all the rifts your toon now has access to 4 mini bosses either through two portals in the city’s main square or through the LFD tool. They’re easy enough bosses, but do watch out for the boss in Ahn’Qiraj. He may not look like much, but he hits rather hard for a mini boss. To note: King Wrynn and King Bronzebeard help you out in these melee intensive fights, offering a quest before you begin for a pocketful of gold and some nice xp if you’re not 80 just yet.

    From personal experience, a level 77 and up can participate in these quests and events without too much trouble.

  5. You know, THIS is the way to do content, imo. Patch in the data long before hand and ‘turn it on’ whenever they damn well feel like it. It gives it a much less structured feeling which is excellent and feeds a ‘looking over your shoulder’ kind of feeling I haven’t felt in ages in the game.

  6. Could somone clarify this for me? I have actually missed all of the elemental invasion so far, but I plan on putting time on my account this comming monday or tuesday. Will I still be able to play through all of the phases of the invasion?

  7. As far as I’m aware, Task, you will be able to go from phase 1 all the way through the current phase provided you’re the appropriate level.

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