DDO Update 7 Goes Live

If there’s one thing you can say about Turbine, it’s that they’re not content to rest on their laurels. Always active, always producing, and the latest fruits of their labor have borne as Update 7: Half-Bloods.¬†Entailed by its name, one of the biggest aspects of this patch is the introduction of two new playable races — both Half-Orcs and Half-Elves — that should add an extra degree of complexity to building characters.

But, in the timeless words of late-night pitchmen everywhere, that’s not all! Adding to an area of the game that still desperately needs work, comes the introduction of a brand new raid called The Chronoscope:

In this deadly new premium Raid, you can flip the hourglass and travel back in time to face an army of Devils in the heart of Stormreach, dodging through the stalls of the Marketplace and the maze of time itself to solve a mystery for the ages. When the Devil army first invaded the Marketplace, the artist Natt Gann was terribly wounded and disappeared. Now his family wants to know what happened and is sending you to the past to find out. This level 4 Raid teams you with two researchers in time’s mysteries, and they have secrets of their own. You have to travel back in time to find that the past is just like the present, only with an army of Devils, an exploding market tent, and a deadly battle to decide the future! You’ll need all your brains and all your brawn to handle adventure so intense that even time can’t contain it! Get¬†The Chronoscope raid with the Devil’s Assault adventure pack which now includes the improved gameplay and support for epic mode!

All of the above is going to cost you a chunk of Turbine Points through the in-game store, but that doesn’t mean they forgot about free content, either. Along with Endless Night, a new Halloween-themed event, comes a completely gratis Adventure Pack designed for players around Level 12:

Follow a mystery as straight as a snake’s tail when Droaam, the kingdom of monsters, sends a sexy, snaky ambassador to Stormreach. This new monster is a beauty, but could she really be a beast? The Coin Lords call upon you to find out what the kingdom of monsters want, what the entrancing, enticing, petrifying Medusa is up to, and just what that army of monsters is hanging around Stormreach for! Hunt for answers in the thronging crowds of Lordsmarch Plaza, a new public area brought to you in this free level 12 adventure pack. The world of DDO is getting bigger, but does that bring threat or treasure to the lords of Stormreach? Leap into a new world of danger and excitement and grab the snake by its tail if you’re brave enough to find out! Adventure comes with hissing hair and a stony stare and wealth and power for those who dare discover her secrets!

For further info, check out our video preview of all the new stuff from Update 7 at Pax Prime ’10.