Diablo 3: Diary of Torak the Barbarian, pg 3

Warning: The Diary of Torak posts are roleplaying posts and will likely contain spoilers.  If you don’t want your campaign potentially spoiled, please play the game first then return see Torak’s adventure unfold. You have been warned.

“I told Leah to come along with me to go search for her uncle. She said that we’ll need to open the cathedral first, the guards locked it up before they were ambushed by these creatures. Rumford told Leah that they fought their way back to Adria’s hut. Leah expects the key will still be there. We used the old portal system to quickly travel back to The Old Ruins. Leah apparently had the key to open the gate towards Adria’s hut. Maybe I should watch out for traps. Leah told me that Adria was her mother, but that she didn’t know more than that. Adria died when Leah was very young, she was raised by her uncle, Deckard Cain. I wondered about her father, Leah told that he was a great warrior who was lost when Tristram fell to the demons.”

“When we found her mothers hut, Leah found a hidden cellar;  her mother must have had her secrets. Leah told me the people thought that her mother was a witch, but Leah never believed it. Inside we found the reanimated corpses of the old Captain Daltyn. I killed the creature. Leah found the key and her mother’s journal. What she has read from it was, disturbing. She wanted to know more but it could wait, we needed to save Deckard first.I told her that I would go alone so she can stay here to learn what she can. She was grateful. As soon as I left the cellar the undead attacked again. I arrived at the old Cathedral, besides finding Deckard, as I promised Leah, I was also looking for the fallen star. It was time to go in and search.

The Cathedral was massive on the inside. I started to follow the trail of blue light that seemed to emanate from where the star has fallen. The Cathedral was also filled with Carrion Bats, disgusting little creatures but they were not as disgusting as these Grotesque creatures which, when I killed them, would swell up, explode and release other things that were inside of this bloated creature. I also encountered a villager inside the Cathedral, he asked me not to kill him for he didn’t want to change in to those things, at that point he changed and I had to put him down.

Eventually I found Deckard. He was being chased by Skeletons and the ghost of the Skeleton King. The Skeletons were taken care off by falling debris at that moment the Skeleton King told me and Deckard that he was risen again because of the fallen star. He would bring terror back again, he summoned his guard and tasked them with killing Deckard and bringing his bones to him. I intervened and killed these Skeletons. Deckard thanked me but wondered why I would risk myself for him. I explained him I needed his knowledge and that Leah would be happy that he lives. It rejoiced him to hear that Leah was alive. He showed me a secret passage out of the Cathedral to one of these old portals. He thought the same thing as me, we needed to discuss the fallen star. Leah rejoiced to see her uncle alive. Deckard once more thanked me and Leah for this. I told him time was short and wondered what he could tell me of the star. Not much he said, he was afraid though. Because the Prophecy of the End Days pointed it out that it was a sign that the end has begun. Leah seems to think these are just stories, I’m pretty sure they are more than that.”