Diablo 3: Diary of Torak the Barbarian, pg 5 pt. 2

Warning: The Diary of Torak posts are roleplaying posts and will likely contain spoilers.  If you don’t want your campaign potentially spoiled, please play the game first then return see Torak’s adventure unfold. You have been warned.

I continued my search for the Skeleton King inside the Royal Crypts. After having fought a trope of skeletons I found a glowing sword. I was intrigued, I had never seen a sword glow like this. Before I knew it I had the finely crafted weapon in my hands. The moment I touched the sword I felt a magic power come forth. Before my eyes six spirits were created. Five of the men looked like royal guards, the other, a king. At that moment I realized what this was, a history lesson. This sword was showing me the last moments of King Leoric. One of the five royal guards walked forward and told the rest to keep distance that this was his burden to bear. When this spirit started talking I realized who it was, Lachdanan. Lachdanan said that he hoped that death would bring peace to the madness of Leoric. As he finished his sentence he plunged his sword through his liege.

I returned to my search for the Skeleton King. But I knew my mind would stay with the event that I had just witnessed. It was weird to know that the knowledge of this event was stored inside a glowing sword. The realization made me curious. Just how many people would have seen this vision before me. During my travels I entered a room with four distinct pillars with symbols on them. Again, a mysterious glow upon inspection. Then the Skeleton King appeared in the same room. I grabbed my weapon tightly and began to  charge when I noticed this was not a corporeal form. The shadow started to talk. He told me that I dared to bring the warmth of life into his tomb. He then activated the rest of the pillars and resurrected a lot horde of skeletons. After having fought a couple of the skeletons I noticed when I accidentally hit one of the pillars it weakened its powers. Now the four four pillars became the prime target. When I took out the last pillar the skeletons stopped coming and I could continue onwards, now wanting to find the Skeleton King more than ever.

Not long after the encounter I found a grand door. After opening the door the Skeleton King re-appeared and threatened me again. Once more he summoned skeletal minions. This time they were his elite personal guard. After going through them I found the body of the Skeleton King and did as Deckard instructed me to do, I put the crown back on the head of the king. The Skeleton King came back to life. This is what I was waiting for, a battle with an equal man. The fight took some time and took quite a bit out of me but I emerged victorious. As the glow left his eyes I knew this was the last I would see of The Skeleton King. Finally.

The back of the room contained my exit allowing me to continue onwards. Moving onward, I finally found the crater. A man was standing guard. This man was still alive. It puzzled me how he could have survived. The man got back up on his feet when I came closer I asked him if it was him that fell from the sky. If he was the man that was the source of the evil spreading across the world, then why didn’t I feel an evil presence within him? The stranger reacted slowly at first, looking for words, telling me that he remembers falling. I asked him who he was and why he was here. He didn’t answer with a name but assured me that he was not an enemy but has a warning for me. The darkness was coming, he needed to do something, but he can’t remember what. I told him I would take him to Deckard Cain. that the scholar knows more than perhaps any man alive.

Once we arrived in New Tristram we went to Deckard and introduced him to the Stranger from the sky. Deckard seemed to be as puzzled as me and said that no man could survive such a thing. Deckard asked him who he was and what he was. To this the stranger answered that he was a warrior, he thinks. All he could remember is that he came bearing grave news, but failed to remember the news. Deckard told both of us that the message of this Stranger might be all that can save us from impending doom.

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