Diablo 3 Leaked Footage – Character Selection

A new Diablo 3 video was leaked out over the holiday weekend by an ex-Blizzard employee that shows the current character selection process. This footage is from the “family and friends” beta phase, not closed beta as that has not yet begun.

The video begins at the hero selection screen where players can select from Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor and Wizard. Then shows a screenshot of the character selection screen that displays previously created characters, their level and how many hours of game-time you spent with that character.

The next part is the Campaign Game Access screen where players select from Invite Online, Public or Friend games as well as if it’s a Campaign or a Versus match. If you select Campaign, you’re then given the option to select what quest you want to start off with, if you have previously completed it.

The rest of the video then just shows some in-game screenshots of one of the towns. Check out the D3 leaked video below.