DING! Hitting the Level Cap

I’ve played a lot of MMO games over the years, but my ratio of games played to games where I hit the level cap is abysmal. In fact I’ve only ever hit the level cap in two MMO games, Lord of the Rings Online and Warhammer Online, and got very close in Diablo 2 if you want to count that.

It’s not that I don’t have the drive to finish it out, for the most part I almost always find something I dislike enough that makes me quit. ┬áCouple that with the fact that just about every MMORPG I’ve played until recently has been subscription bases, and you can see why my ratio is so low.

I calculated my percentage to about 11%, which is of games that I’ve hit the level cap in, so about 1 in 10. I only counted games that I honestly though I would like and want to continue playing and didn’t count the games I played for reviews and had no initial interest in. While this percentage is pretty sad, for single-player games my ration is the complete opposite as there’s almost never a game I won’t finish. I’m just not going to pay a monthly fee to play a game I’m not 100% into.

With the rise of free-to-play MMO games, which are now dominating the gaming landscape, I think that ratio will begin to swing in the opposite direction. Having the ability to go back for free anytime you want to check out new content or expansions is a huge plus. Of course if a game just isn’t good or turns out to be something you’re not into, then business model doesn’t really matter.

You can also argue that since more and more MMO games are going F2P, players will try and abandon more and more games, which is probably true, so maybe my percentage won’t increase. How about you? Do you tend to hit the level cap in MMO games you start or is your percentage just as bad as mine?


  1. I’m the exact opposite. I have only once got anywhere past 25% of the game in a F2P game. It always feels like “F2P” is an excuse to suck or to allow people your player base access to the game before its ready to actually go live.

    Also, subscription games seem like they are cheaper as well. Most of the F2P games I’ve played would have wanted so much money up front that I and end feeling like I am at a disadvantage. Half a bank, not using EXP potions, etc.

    Subscription games give SO much value per dollar that its ridiculous. I don’t mind paying for months I may not be able to play much at all. that same $15 for a months play is the cost of 1.5 movies, or 3 hours or entertainment. or 1/3 of a normal game. I don’t know about most people, but I tend to finish most non-MMO’s much faster than 3 months.

    If I ever find a F2P that is actually worth my time, (DDO was very close) then if possible, I will go with the subscription option. I’ve just always viewed the F2P model as the way to get 12 year old kids to be able to play while using mommy’s in a way she understands. I know that’s totally not true, and unfair, but I just can’t understand why else people would prefer the average F2P model (outside of something like GuildWars).

  2. I am opposite as well. I hit level cap in every pay to play. That was the intent really, your paying, so just push past what you don’t like and “finish”. In fact, every pay to play leaves me way to ansy to uninstall at level 10 LOL! It is like “There is so many, what am I missing? This just got grindy, there has to be better!” And unistall… never paid so I swap out. HOwever, I never judge a game until I have at least a lvl 30 char.

    PWI – lvl 80 char.
    RF online – lvl 20
    Runes of magic= 38/38
    Dragons nest – 24
    ARgo – 30.
    Grand Fantasia – lvl 30
    almost all other games (name it Ive played it…and yes..hellokitty as well)..lvl 30..

    I capped out on: World of Warcraft.
    All single player games. (from Atari to xbox 360)..

    Guild wars.

  3. @buttlord
    Seeing Atari in your list makes me realize that we were around for the beginning of MMO’s. Maybe its just cause thats what we began with.

    I know that any anime I watch, be it in English, or subtitled, the first way I watch it is the way that feels right from then on.

  4. I usually reach the level cap (when there is one :P ) just to check the endgame. That’s the part that interests me the most in MMOs and unless I’m really really put off by the game, I will go through the leveling experience to reach it.

    There’s also the case in which it’s obvious how the endgame is going to be even before you get there *wave at RIFT*.

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