Don’t See RealID? Check Parental Controls

I was dismayed to find the new RealID feature was not working for me when I installed patch 3.3.5. There were a few others with the problem, but not many. After trying to log on from other computers and looking around the support forums, players have identified the issue.

There is a new Parental Controls option to disable RealID. If you have ever used Parental Controls, your account may have flagged to have RealID off by default. I played with it when it was added way back in the day just to learn about it, so my account is flagged apparently. The Parental Controls are much different than the old World of Warcraft controls, so lets go through it real quick.

Log onto and click on “parental controls”
Click on “yes”. I don’t remember if it prompted you for a different email than the one associated with your account back in the day, but try your email if you can’t remember.
Enter your email and press send.
Once you click on the link in the email, you’ll show up here. Check the box and you are done.


  1. Yes! I’ve had this issue. I freaking hate Blizzard’s new transition because the new system is very clunky and the confirmation email takes forever to send to you a link to the parental schedule, that the child (who is paying for the stupid account Q.Q) CANNOT see unless following that link.

    /tired rant

  2. I like how you blurred your email at the top of the last picture, but it’s still visible on the bottom (Heartbourne edit: Thank you for catching this. Fixed).
    Thanks for the help though, I’m quite sure this is my problem. However is not sending me any emails to open up my parental controls section.

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