Dual Monitor Support?

Lets face it, many of us who are MMO gamers would probably consider ourselves hardcore gamers. And what do hardcore gamers like? Tech toys. So it’s probably reasonable to say that a higher percentage of MMO gamers might have dual monitors compared to casual gamers. With that said, why aren’t there more MMOs that support dual monitors?

Now I know some MMOs, including World of Warcraft, already make it possible to setup the game on dual monitors, but requires tweaking your settings, playing in a window or you have to download a mod, which I hate. What I’m looking for is build in support, you go to the games setting, click Dual monitor and your done.

As any MMORPG gamer can tell you, your screen can get cluttered fast considering all the short cut bars, stats, quest logs, chat, party members, etc. So why not support dual monitors for those of us that have it? Just think how much better, cleaner your playing screen would be without all that junk. But I guess we’ll have to wait until developers decide to start supporting it.

For those of you interested in dual monitors for WOW, go to ctmod.net to download their mod, you’ll need it.

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