Top 6 Worst MMORPGs of All Time

We have done lists in the past that show some of the best MMORPGs on the market, but I thought it would be fun if we flipped it and took a look at the top 6 worst MMORGPs based on the composite scores at I’m going to come out and say that out of the 6 I’ve never played any of them, so don’t get mad at me.

6. Final Fantasy XI

Xbox360 – Square Enix – Avg. Score = 69.348%

While the PC version of this game comes in at #7 for best MMORPG, the Xbox360 port turned out to be a dud and comes in at #6 of the worst.

Provided by Gamespot

  • Preposterously long installation period, plus layers of unnecessary inconvenience
  • Virtually nothing done to enhance the experience for the Xbox 360
  • Slowly paced action and exploration caters almost exclusively to the
  • Tough-to-swallow monthly fees required
  • Not a single unlockable achievement, unlike every other 360 game.

5. The Matrix Online

PC – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment – Avg. Score = 68.974%

Ah, The Matrix Online. This game appeared on another one of our lists, 4 MMORPGs That Should Have Been Great. But sadly the game was not great and is actually the 5th worst MMORPG of all time.

Provided by Gamespot

  • Very rough around the edges; runs sluggishly and filled with noticeable glitches
  • Repetitive mission design–mission types all blend together after a while
  • Not much diversity of content
  • Quirky interface takes a while to get used to.

4. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

PC – Sony Online Entertainment – Avg. Score = 68.929%

Vanguard launched with nearly 100,000 users, but it’s been all down hill since then, currently boosting about 35k users and declining.

Provided By Gamespot

  • Bugs, bugs, and more bugs
  • Forced grouping will leave solo players cold
  • Stiff death penalty and lack of instanced dungeons are as frustrating
    now as they were in EverQuest’s early days.

3. Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle

PC – NCsoft – Avg. Score = 64.523%

At one time Lineage II boosted over 2.2 million users, however the game did not live up to the hype and is currently just over 1 million. While I’m sure many of you might be upset with this game appears on the list, that doesn’t save it from being one of the lowest reviewed MMORPGs of all time.

Provided by Gamespy

  • Terrible for small party/casual players
  • lag in graphically complicated areas
  • poor chat system and guild management tools
  • minimal character customization

2. RF Online

PC – Codemasters – Avg. Score = 56.143%

And now we come down to the top two and finally plunge way below the 65% mark. RF Online was once pay to play, but after getting slammed by reviews and lack of interest it’s now free to play. Although, would you really want to even if it is free?

Provided by Gamespot

  • Low-level quests are generic and boring
  • Traveling around the world is painfully slow
  • Very little variety in terms of items, quests, classes, and enemies
  • Bland environments.

1. RYL: Path of the Emperor

PC – Planetwide Games – Avg. Score = 54.360%

Can’t say that I’ve even heard of this game, but considering it’s ranked as the worst MMORPG of all time, not hearing about it might not be so bad.

Provided by Gamespot

  • Dated, low-res graphics
  • Bland player-versus-environment content
  • Frequent graphical glitches.


  1. I played betas/open betas/free trials (or something) of RF online and Lineage 2, but didn’t play either for more than 1-2 hours before calling it quits. Both of them fall very solidly into the asian grindfest mold of MMOs which just aren’t popular in western countries. With the exception of Vanguard and Matrix Online all those games were developed by chinese, korean, or japanese developers (I believe, not sure about RYL) irregardless of who the western publisher might have been.

  2. Not sure if the author put this list together himself, but it’s far from accurate. Just looking at this link which is incomplete in itself shows that.

    Dark and Light – 53%
    Fury – 52%
    Face of Mankind – 39%
    Dark Ages – 44%
    Irth Online – 53%
    Archlord – 44%

    There are 6 with lower scores than RYL, pretty much makes this list wrong.

    The original Ultima Online has a 44% score on

  3. I used the default settings which has the Minimum Reviews set to 20. I see however if you used 1 you would get more, although I’m not sure if only 1 review would be an accurate gauge of the game.

  4. The problem with lists like this is that they are extremely objective. If you look at the top games on, World of Warcraft isn’t even in the top seven. Granted there are some serious problems with these games, but I’d like to at least have a little more of your opinion, like whether you agree, disagree, what you would add/remove from the list, and what you would move around. The fact that Dark and Light (as well as Auto Assault and Asheron’s Call 2) isn’t on there says a lot. All I’m saying is provide a little additional information besides just posting a list. Anyone can do that, but not everyone can know what you think about it, which is why we’re here after all :)

  5. I agree…I know the listing is subjective, not objective…but, man…Auto Assault was horrible…Dank and Light never installed for me…Archlord had the issue of being made for “Bangs” with it’s limited resolutions locked in UI

    Yea..Archlord was pretty…but so generic, and not compatible with todays Widescreen systems..
    I vote Archlord as my worst

  6. Ahh these lists are highly subjective and goes to show that the author really couldn’t think of anything better to write about.

    FFXI still has a big fan base. It never tanked and among MMORPG gamers, it is one of the top MMOs today. Just seeing this one in the top six makes me suspect of the lameness of this article.

    Again with Vanguard and Lineage II. Both of these games have a very dedicated fan base. Isn’t Lineage II like second to WoW in terms of subscriptions? And, while Vanguard had a HUGELY shitting launch, it has come a long way and is now worthy of any MMORPG game player’s time.

  7. You really should do a little more research before a “top XXX OMGs” is squeezed out of an orifice. FFXI has been released on three different platforms…with both the PC and PS2 releases gathering 82.511% and 85.212% scores, respectively…and considering the servers are all cross-platform, all scores should have been considered.

    I’d easily replace FFXI on this list with SWG, because…you know…I’ve *played* both of them, and didn’t just grab random numbers from someone else.

  8. You should be kidding with that list …

    FFXI is a very good game, it is now an old game so the gameplay can be strange for most of the “WoW era” players but at his time, the gameplay (trying to stay close to standalone FF) was pretty good.
    I agree with you on the point that it takes time to download and install but this was the most exciting PVE background I found with the mission and all (but maybe you don’t even know what we can do in that game …).

    Lineage 2 in that list, lol again … You are speaking about one of the most played game, are you considering gamers like shits we don’t even know which games are good ????
    Small parties is the most efficient way to go up to 70+, then you can grind with big parties in some places and in 5-man parties (even 3 if you are enough stuff) in some other places.
    Guys, Lineage2 is not in Prelude anymore, we had something like 7 updates till that time and experience has been made easier (you go 60 in a month like WoW easily).
    Same for the chat system lol I tried a lot of game and never found one that is as easy and made to speak as L2, the only thing you can easily do at the beginning is speaking, not like some new games where you must find a key to speak …

    And RyL first, forgetting Dark and light ? The most horrible game ? You are a funny guy lol.
    It could have been ok if only you had tried those games but stay on WoW it’s so great with his raids you have to do 1000 times followed by a little battleground to pvp like Counterstrike (die-live-die-live).

    Incredible how people can try to criticize game when they don’t even know a small thing about.
    Try end-game of each then speak, cause the starting village is not the biggest place of the game but maybe I’m teaching you something there ?

  9. Well, I’ve gotta hand it to you; you’ve single-handedly pissed off just about every MMO gamer who ever lived.

    I will not claim to have played all the games on the list, but I have to say I’ve played both 1 and 2 on your list, and your facts are not only subjective–they’re downright false.

    RF Online has a wide variety of weapons, including shotguns, sniper rifles, laser rapiers, grenade launchers, railguns, and plasma rifles, not to mention the conventional weapons (i.e. axes and swords) which are also available.

    While we’re still on the subject of RF Online, let’s talk about low-level quests. Have you ever played a game where they AREN’T generic? By your reasoning, just about every MMO ever is horrible. Also, don’t blame the game if you’re too dimwitted to figure out the teleporters.

    Now, then…let’s move on to RYL. I notice you’ve been slamming a couple of MMOs for lagging due to graphical complications, and now you complain that RYL has dated graphics. Get a clue, Mike: you can’t say a game sucks because your computer can’t run it properly.

    No, scratch that; you can’t say a game sucks if you’ve “never even heard of it”.

    On that same note, I find it humorous that you illustrate the concept of “bland Player vs. Environment content” with a group of players cooperating to take down a tough boss.

    Long and short of it is this: As a responsible *cough* web-journalist, you’re not allowed to copy/paste someone else’s ideas and dub them true unless you’ve actually done some research for yourself. So get a clue, Mike; get a clue.

  10. I’ve only played 2 games from this list. I really wished MXO was a better game, it had such potential. As for Vanguard, it is a good game in my opinion and, if Age of Conan doesn’t keep me interested, one I’ll go back to.

  11. This list is NOT my opinion, the list is based off the composite scores at for all MMORPGs that have 20+ reviews.

    So if your game is on this list, that means at LEAST 20 gaming sites thought it sucked and gave it a low score. Get over it.

  12. Sorry, Mike, but GameRankings has quite a few MMOs that have rankings a lot lower than 54.36%.

    In fact, a 5.5/10 rating really doesn’t qualify as “sucks”. It’s “eh” at worst.

    And besides, it’s not the reviews that upset me. If you, and yes, I mean you, yourself, the publisher of this article, had played these games and given them a chance, I would gladly accept any opinion you have to offer as valid; but you haven’t. In fact, you’ve never even HEARD of your pick for “Worst MMO Ever”.

    Hell, you could have called this article “The Six Best MMO’s in the World” and I’d still have berated you for throwing your sloppy, uninformed opinions around.

    Don’t hide behind popular support; corporations and websites may hate the games you hate, but take a good long list at the comments list on any website where you’ve posted this: the majority, the mass of living, breathing people who actually play games for FUN, is against you.

    Not your opinion? It became your opinion the minute you approved and agreed with the reviews you mention.

  13. you can say it: “TOP 6 WORST MMORPG in WESTERN” not “OF ALL TIME”… because RF and FFantasy one of the best in asia.

  14. WTF FFXI was just as good on the 360 if you had a keyboard is was the same thing it’s like saying sonic on dreamcast was great but the GC version sucked when it was the same thing I played that game on both PC and 360 and could tell no diffrence

    I do agree that lineage 2 is the biggest joke of an mmo I’ve ever played.

  15. Um, am I the only one that sees the real picture here. The writer came right out and said, even in the title line folks, this list is based on and is not his list. The fact that he states he has not played any of them himself should even more clue you off this is not his opinions. He is simply passing on information he has gathered. Just because your game is listed here or you disagree dont crucify the writer.

  16. I have to agree with the majority of the avid gamers out there that are flaming this dude’s ass off. XD I myself have only played FF, and as a completely un-biased opinion? Your review blows, dude. Seriously, like everybody else said? Do more research. You can’t base one project on just ONE source of information. Or didn’t they teach you that in High School? In fact, I think I’m just gonna go buy all the other 4 games you listed (Lineage excluded, I really think ppl DO hate that game >.>) just to spite you and make an assessment on my own gaming experience. Honestly though? Take a hint man. Don’t just get one website’s polls on ‘worst games’ and publish it. Compile resources from other sites and do the math yourself. Like a REAL journalist would do. The only beef I have with you is the sheer lack of interest and effort that was put behind this report. Btw, downloading RYL right now. =]
    Have fun kids. Play nice, don’t run out and play in traffic (except for you Mike, since apparently you don’t earn enough common sense without somebody pounding it into your head)

    I have nothing more to say.

  17. haha, lets get one thing out the way…i like playing games as much as the next gamer, but seriously, pretty much everyone that has left a comment is gettin aggrovated over a stupid little list of what some guy has copy and pasted over from one website to his site…its not his opinion, even if it was, so what…you may think your game is the best game ever made, but guess what, im going to let you in on a little secret here….THATS YOUR OPINION, wow…we all have a right to an opinion…my opinion, you all take gaming way to seriously!! games are nothing more than entertainment. they are designed for us to have fun with. nothing more.
    get a life.

  18. i think runescape would have been in the bottome 6 when i played lineage2 its was far in front of runescape

  19. Yes, Final Fantasy XI is great. But it sucks for Xbox360 consdering I and my friends lag out of every beseiged. The stupid thing freezes everytime and we get screwed. They need the options for visual effects the PC version has such astaking off weather effects, footsteps, number of PCs seen on screen, etc. Do that and the 360 will be wonderful. In my opinion, PC > PS2 > 360 game play wise with the lagging an such. Visually, 360 > PC > PS2 by far.

  20. Oh yes, there are unlockable achievements. Getting any character to level 75 gets you one along with various other little things that dont really mean anything since achievements are lame kinda.

  21. Thanks for this list. RF and Lineage II were quite a hype in my locality. I was thinking about playing these games but i was thinking twice so i tried to do some surveys. Now that i know that these games are this bad then i might consider not even starting it.

  22. World of warcraft should be #1 of worst mmo.
    it should be free because not worth paying for.

    reasons being…
    Run’s on blizzard’s ancient rusty outdated game engine…
    out Dated, low-res graphics (my crappy intel integrated video card can run it at max settings ROFL)
    Bland and stupid player-versus-environment content
    Numerous immature annoying young players and noobs
    Low-level quests are generic and boring
    Traveling around the world is painfully slow
    returning to the body after a death is painfully annoying and time consuming…
    leveling to the highest level is also painfully time consuming. i fall asleep most of the time. takes months or years to level. other popular mmos are better with this.
    expansions should be free…. they over exaggerate how amazing the expansions are… they’re alright but still not that amazing not epic at all. LOL

  23. p.s. omg square enix really screwed up with final fantasy online…. they should burn that crap…. well it does make a nice looking paper weight.

    -end of rant

  24. i dunno if this counts as a mmorpg but poptropica is the worst game ever and lord of the rings online kicks ass

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