Dungeons & Dragons Online: Turbine Branches Out

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Turbine recently announced that they will be expanding the player base of Dungeon and Dragons Online by reaching across the seas to start their European DDO service.

Starting August 20th, European players will be able to make their accounts and download the English client of the game.  DDO will remain free to play for all players, while still keeping their pay to upgrade system.  As a thank you to all the patient European DDO fans, Turbine will be giving you all five-thousand free Turbine points to be spent in the online store.  Things such as extra character slots and premium content can be purchased using your Turbine points.  In addition to the free points, all DDO players will receive free character transfers that will become available at a later date.  Turbine will keep you updated as to when this will happen.

Now for the rest of you European players that would prefer to not use the English service, don’t you worry about a thing.  Turbine and Codemasters are working away at the French and German releases of the game.  The release date for these versions has not yet been set, but Turbine assures us that there will be a beta for both versions by the end of this year.

Hold on just a little longer Europe, your DDO is almost here!

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