Global Agenda: Into The Sandstorm

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Immediately after announcing that Global Agenda will remain subscription less forever, Hi-Rez Studios pulls out their latest trump card with the free to download major content update “Sandstorm”.

Phase two of Global Agenda’s Sandstorm patch released  on Thursday July, 22, 2010  featuring major updates such as a brand new open world PvE zone entitled the “Sonoran Desert” .  While traveling the new desert zone, players are capable of collecting NPC given quests which are tracked and able to be completed in a party.  The zone also holds home to many new enemy types and mobs that are ready to be farmed and looted for valuable items and experience.  Phase two of the sand storm update also features a new Base Defense mode that is selectable from within dome city.  This event may only be selected when a base outside of the city is under attack by the newly added Recursive Colony faction.  You and nine other players will work together to stop the base from being overrun by NPC enemies who work for this new faction.

Other Major updates include new Sonoran Desert themed PvE missions available for levels 5 through 19, consumable items providing the player with boosts and combat advantages during battle, and the ability to salvage armor and weapons that are outdated or unused.  Using the new Salvage feature will remove your salvaged item from your inventory, replacing it with a component loot drop.

These are only some of the features and changes that come with Global Agenda’s new content update.  Click here for the full  patch notes to find out what’s in store for all you elf haters.

To finish things off here is the new trailer for Global Agenda’s Sandstorm update.