Dynasty Warriors Online Goes Live

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Aeria Games has officially launched its martial arts MMO Dynasty Warriors Online. This MMO, with endless hordes trying to kill you, but suffering your wrath instead, is a must if you’re looking to let the spirit of the feral warrior within, take control over your actions.

With the official launch of the game, players have access to many new items and quests, weapons, new maps, new guild functions, market items and more. No more betas for Dynasty Warriors Online, now the game is here and you better prepare yourself and your keyboard, cause such a tremendous action will put both of you to the test. With ever single hit you land, dozens fall to their knees.

For all the information needed, including the download link for the client, registering and setting up everything to try this game, go to the official website.

The overpopulated evil ranks should worry, now all the Dynasty Warriors Online heroes begin their journey.