E3 2012: Prototype Controller for MechWarrior Online Unveiled

The console industry may have gone all peripheral crazy during the rhythm genre fad, but the PC industry is the home of collecting soon-to-be-obsolete plastic junk. Thankfully, times have changed with the advent of USB ports, the rise of standards, and companies that follow, them means plug-n-play devices have a longer life on PCs than ever before.

Peripheral specialist, Razer, caused a stir at E3 2012 by unveiling Artemis, a prototype controller for MechWarrior Online. The non functional controller will be sold and is being used to solicit feedback from prospective players. The current iteration is designed with fully customizable buttons, an 8-inch LCD screen, force feedback, mechanical keys, a throttle, and a slick flight stick.

It reminds me a lot of the original Steel Battalion controller, dropping foot pedals and dual sticks for an added information center. If only that LCD was touchscreen…

There’s currently no release date, which makes sense considering that MechWarrior Online is not in closed beta yet. Depending on the price Рand quality of MWO РI may need to clear some desktop space.

Hit the jump for the official trailer and more media.


  1. Really?! I missed that news that news too then. I hope the controller isn’t as expensive as Steel Battalion was. It would blow to get a f2p game then have the controller be $200 lol

  2. You guys need to stop expecting everyone to behave logically. Tha78#&21t;s not how it works. Bulls, bears, bubbles, crashes — always has been and always will be.

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