E3 2015: PC Gaming Must-Sees!


Another E3, another great line-up of games. Though with a reoccurring theme of sequels it’s anyone’s best guess if these will live up to their originals. Needless to say, I’m still beyond excited at all this titles, seeing the new things the industry has been up to, and for that reason I’ve rounded up the ten MUST sees of PC Gaming at E3 2015:

Mass Effect Andromeda
While some fans of the Mass Effect series are cautious at its next installment, there is a handful of interesting information released based on the setting…far into the future and away in another galaxy! Though I’m cautious too, I can’t wait to see how the team does in designing the future of Mass Effect, you know, in the future.

Falling in a similar category to Blizzard’s work-in-progress Overwatch, I’m incredibly excited for Bethesda’s Battlecry! Set in a neo-Industrial world (think Steam Punk or Industrial Punk) you must fight, team vs. team, in arena style combat with swords, fists, bows or rudimentary guns. The fast meaningful combat and team-oriented gameplay has a eSports vibe to it, and we can only hope. This, along with Overwatch, has me bouncing in my chair.

Dues Ex: Mankind Divided
If you like games with meaning, with social commentary, then you should be as excited for the newest Dues Ex installment as I am! Cyberpunk has always been a vivid fascination of mine, mainly because if any sci-fi future is to become our own, to me, Cyberpunk is the most realistic. It’s hard to tell yet if Mankind Divided will be a meaningful addition to the Dues Ex series, but Human Revolution did not disappoint. Let’s hope this doesn’t either.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
In the same boat as Mankind Divided, I can’t sit still until I get all my Cyberpunk games here in front of me! But unlike Dues Ex, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen a Mirror’s Edge game, and the first one was definitely great both in mechanics and story.

From the creator’s of Amnesia comes a very flavorful horror game where it seems (and I could be mistaken) the terrors are all REALLY in your head. Oh yeah and it’s in SPACE – oh no, wait, are they underwater?? Beats me. But suffice it to say, gimmegimmegimme.

On the other hand the creators of Gone Home have a very light touch when it comes to horror, and going into their previous game with the expectation of horror but getting a modern story mixed with these sprinkles of horror that you always seemed to question whether it was really there or not…Tacoma has promise, and this one I AM sure is set in space, and at the very least I know I’ll leave with something unexpected.

Fallout 4
Up to now, I’m still not really sure whether I am looking forward to this game or not. To me, Fallout 3 shined over New Vegas (although the ladder had a lot of good mechanical additions to the game) and the setting seems to hit a little closer to the feel of Fallout 3 but with even more added mechanical features – look at the character creation demo alone! Time will tell whether it’s great or not; it still is a must see for E3, however.

No Man’s Sky
The space-sim market is quickly becoming the new MOBA, despite having already been saturated in the past. Flagships, such as Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen, leave me concerned with adding more to the mix, but color me very interested and intrigued by No Man’s Sky. If any light is to fall through the cracks and given to a gem, No Man’s Sky definitely deserves it. Make sure to check it out, and let us know how you feel about this and the others!

Star Wars Battlefront
It’s been long awaited, and the developers have great big shoes to fill. I don’t know if DICE and EA have what it takes to bring home a gem or two to do Battlefront 2 honor. But what I do know is that I’m looking forward to finding out.

Oh Doom.. We first saw it at QuakeCon 2014. So, taking Doom back to its roots, giving a modern update, and threatening a high difficulty? Sign me up!

That wraps up the ten must-sees, but that doesn’t mean that’s everything! Stay tuned to the LoreHound YouTube page to get exclusive coverage, tell us what you think about our list, and check out the other honorable mentions: Dishonored 2, ANNO 2205, Shenmue 3, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Dark Souls 3, and the Elder Scrolls Online Updates. Not to forget the latest update to known titles like Gigantic, SMITE and scream-educing Brawlhalla!