EarthRise Accepting Beta Applications

This is a bit late, but last week EarthRise started accepting applications for Beta testing.  If you’re not familiar with EarthRise it’s an upcoming FPS MMO set in the aftermath of World War 3.  Some of the main features are dynamic targeting, similar to any FPS you’ve ever played and PvP.  There isn’t a whole lot of information out about this game yet, but from some of the screenshots the game is absolutely beautiful.

I’ve already signed myself up and have my fingers crossed.  I think for the next MMO I get into I want it to be a FPS.  Right now EarthRise and Jumpgate Evolution are the two MMOs I’m most looking forward to in 2009.  Hopefully I get into at least one of those betas.


  1. I dropped them an application. It was very quick and painless. Looks to be skill-based with some PvP, sounds like a good start. Even if it ends up sucking, you have to give anyone credit at this point who deviates from the theme-park model.

  2. I really hope to get in the jumpgate beta aswell. The original jumpgate was pretty much the first mmo I played.

  3. i am all ready accepted in the beta so i cant wait it looks to be incredible and well i hope it is i have anticipated this game a lot.

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