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Darkfall Survey Predicts Playstyles

January 13, 2009 LHStaff 0

Darkfall Survey Predicts Playstyles With the slated release date for Darkfall Online approaching, forums have been buzzing with speculation on various aspects of the game in order to try and […]

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Rant: Warhammer RvR Population Capped!

January 8, 2009 LHStaff 0

Rant: Warhammer RvR Population Capped! Mythic released an announcement on the WAR Herald today that I find stunning.  Here are some excerpts from the announcement: “When the Fortress population reaches […]

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Item Farming, Why?

January 5, 2009 LHStaff 0

We’ve all done it, doing the same raid over and over again hoping to get that kick ass item everyone is desperately trying  to get.  My questions is not why […]