Earthrise Updates Website as Release Approaches

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Earthrise, an upcoming scifi-themed MMO from Masthead Studios, is gaining significant momentum in the anticipation of its launch. Touted as a sandbox title, Earthrise will shed the restraints of explicit class types in favor of a more open, skill-based system (think EvE or Darkfall). In this post-apocalyptic world, players will compete on the battlefield as well as the market, where crafting and the economy are just another means of carving your own destiny. PvP takes on a new flavor as well, allowing players to fight for certain factions or simply pursue a personal goal.

In anticipation of a Q4 release, Masthead Studios has released a brand new Earthrise website for us to explore. It’s certainly aesthetically pleasing, with a nice panoramic concept piece spread out behind a seductive female pistoleer. While the site is still pretty bare, there is an apt game description, as well as some news bits and a community portal. Also, if you haven’t already, throw your beta application in before it’s too late!

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