Eligium Canceled – Shutting Down on July 17th

It seems Frogsters latest MMORPG isn’t even making it to launch as it was announced today that Eligium is now officially canceled and is closing on July 17th.  The MMORPG has been in open beta since February, but it seems it did not gain enough steam to warrant an official launch.

Here’s the official response from the Eligium forums.

ELIGIUM enjoyed an excellent start to the Open Beta in February 2012. Despite our prolonged efforts to support the community, listen and respond to feedback and criticisms, and ultimately do our utmost to offer players the virtual universe of their dreams, we have come to the conclusion that ELIGIUM does not fully meet the high expectations of Frogster as a publisher. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue the operation of the game with a heavy heart.

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  1. About damn time. It was pretty obvious that a game such as Eligium wouldn’t last long in this year. Besides that the graphics was quite outdated and the combat was dull…So basically they hyped up their own game while the game turned out into any other mmo out there.

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