Emerald City Comic Con – Not PAX, But Still Fun

Now, any self-respecting gamer would never dare shy away from a guaranteed geek-filled time as that which is found at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, WA.

As Kyle and I had promised on the second episode of LiveCast, we went to ECCC last weekend and had a blast. Coming in with PAX expectations, we were slightly disappointed. The ambiance wasn’t up to par with PAX, nor was the attendance scale. (editor’s note: Thankfully, PAX East is this weekend. Can’t wait for all the good stuff we’ll be hearing about soon!)

However, the cosplaying that took place claimed the cake – so to speak. Keeping count like the obsessive person I am, I kept count of the number of Star Wars cosplayers vs. the number of Star Trek cosplayers. At my final count, the two were quite evenly matched — 38 to 40 respectively, with the majority of Star Wars happening on Friday, and all of Star Trek’s on Saturday.

Neither of us went to many panels. We visited the first Star Trek panel that mostly had clips and mementos to remind us of the original series; and on Saturday we fulfilled our acting desires with NERDprov put on by Unexpected Productions – where the long argument of Pirates vs. Ninjas was finally solved. Turns out, the pirates have hired the ninjas, and they created the argument to just drive up sales.

The biggest event we made sure to attend was Oxhorn‘s “How to Make Money, Making Machinima” panel in which it can be summed up to: Make music. Luckily, he finished his newest song at 4 a.m. Friday morning – so we got to see a special first view of it. Plus, we got to meet the guy and have a little chat with him, two-on-one.

Past that, we earned our fair share of Magic: The Gathering cards in the intro league we entered (you get a Mirrodin Besieged Intro Deck + 1 free card after every match. Win or lose. Winner gets choice of two, looser gets the other) and mostly hid ourselves in that subjective man-cave for the majority of the weekend.

Now, it wouldn’t be a convention that I cover if there were not any photos, right? Well, check below for a collection of photos — cosplay, comics, cards a Lich King and more.