Forsaken World Launches Early After Successful Beta Phase

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That’s right, the folks responsible for Perfect World International, Heroes of Three Kingdoms, Battle of the Immortals, and many more have announced the official launch of Forsaken World. The new title takes a decidedly darker approach than its Perfect cousin, and sports a plethora of new features that do well to add flavor to the free-to-play subgenre. Billed as PWE’s most anticipated MMORPG to date, Forsaken World has been fortunate enough to host a wildly successful beta with diligent and vocal testers. As a result, the previously set launch date of March 23rd has been moved up to today, March 9th!

In keeping with the usual Asian style character models and armor sets, Forsaken World is vivid and eye-catching. However, in keeping with its name, the title is darker and more foreboding, set in a world rife with destruction and conflict; many towns and cities are ravaged as if by recent battle — much in contrast with PWI’s pristine architecture and landscape. One of the most interesting features that I found is theĀ Guild Castle. These floating fortresses are upgradeable and inhabitable; you may invite NPC merchants and players alike to step foot in your unique territory, and even leverage taxes on transactions made therein. It’s definitely the type of feature that could single-handedly tempt a quick look-see.

The official site has recently posted a Beginner’s Guide for prospective players, so if you’re in the mood for a new title with a solid foundation, I’d very much suggest a glance or two.