En Masse Posts TERA: Rising Patch Notes Ahead of Tomorrow’s F2P Transition

Late last week, En Masse Entertainment made the patch notes for the title’s upcoming F2P transition publically available. TERA will be transitioning to TERA: Rising in less than 24 hours on February 5, 2013 after spending nearly a year in the typical AAA subscription model. With three tiers of support available, the action-oriented MMORPG gives players plenty of options to play.

Patch notes for 19.04.02 are as lengthy as you would expect from a business model change being combined with a content patch. In addition to the previously-announced 3v3 PvP battleground and a PvE dungeon, the game is receiving a massive crafting overhaul and the expected class balance changes. Nerf! OP!

The launch will coincide with the end of digital sales for TERA. Physical copies currently laying around stores will be the only way to become a Founder once the digital distribution has been disabled tomorrow.