Eve Online's Winter Expansion 2011 Announced

Today was a big day for CCP, the developer behind Eve Online, as they not only released a public apology to their fan base for the whole Incarna/Captain’s Quarters/Virtual Store¬†fiasco, but also announced their plans for a winter expansion. ¬†The expansion, which is planned for 2011, will help alleviate players concerns about the direction Eve Online is heading by completely refocusing the Eve development teams on Eve’s core gameplay: spaceships.

The winter expansion’s goals will be to introduce improvements to warfare and PvP, which will include, but are not limited to the following:

Good new for Eve Online fans who were upset about the direction Eve was heading over the last few months. It seems CCP is not all talk and is following up their words with real action. Can we all be friends again? :)


  1. It is so sad to see consumers lack of security. They think paying monthly somehow gives them a better product. But the idea of bus. 101 is: High profits, low costs. TAke the money, give them crap. Which is evident in this title. This game is microsft excel spreadsheets with an active sccreensaver in the background. Action is dull, and playing a MUD is MUCH more entertaining if your going to keep your nose in lists and texts. Want a true space Sim? Play BLACK PROPHECY. Story based. Open world areas. PvP gripping and gives people a chance based on skills, the pilot, and not their over powered ship. Cinematics, etc..etc.. This F2P game business model is reverse, it HAS to give a good product to get cash, so the more that join, the better the products can roll out. So quit CCpoop, and come to BP!

  2. I agree eve can get a bit boring at times.With that said tho the beauty of the game is if your bored with what you are doing there are like 5235987 other aspects of the game out there.Get bored with face rolling in missions you can jump into a bomber and go mess with gate camps,take your risks with trolls in hubs with logi’s to save there frigs.Hell i have a few friends who all they do is play the market,wich might be 1 of the most boring things in the game but like said above if you get bored with 1 aspect move on to another.Unlike other games i have played in my career this 1 has many faces and im proud of CCP seeing that people play eve for the starship warfare and they are introducing more ships.World of Tanks in comparison is a much better game cause as the title suggests its for tanks about tanks and they constantly introduce new tanks.Learn from WoT’s CCP and keep the ships rolling on out for awhile and your player base will be extremely happy,thus they will bring more people to your game and in the long run profits will increase from a little hard work.I love the design your own ship contests hell theres 90% of the work done right there for you.Stay focused CCP you are on the right track

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