Everquest 2 Extended Released

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On August 19th, Sony Online Entertainment released Everquest 2 Extended.  This version of the popular Everquest 2 game allows players to have access to five years worth of content, previously only considered pay-to-play, for free.

Everquest 2 Extended has been set into motion in parallel with the original game’s paid subscriptions model, and is a first in the MMO industry to do so.  The game will have a four-tier membership plan offered to players and users can choose just how deeply they want to experience all that Everquest 2 has to offer.

Currently, only Bronze, Silver and Gold membership plans are purchasable, with Platinum becoming available on August 31st of this year.

This release comes at a time when older games like Everquest 2 are starting to have their membership bases fall to newer, more impressive-looking games, in terms of graphics and gameplay.  This gambit for a player population revival is an interesting move for SOE and we’ll see how it works out for them in the long run.